Pandora bracelet

Elladora • *******
So my fiancé got me a pandora bracelet for Christmas. He spent a good deal of money on it and the charms. Problem is, I'm 5 months pregnant and wasn't able to hide the fact that I hate it. It actually ruined my entire Christmas. He talked to some girl he works with who told him about it, and he felt like it was a great idea. BUT he knows I'm not into that stuff, I'm all about books and movies. I'm upset over it because he talked to some girly girl about shit to get me-instea of actually following his gut with what to get me. I think it upsets me most because I feel like he doesn't even know me at all-just shy of 7 years together and this is th first time I've ever get like he doesn't know me. Bahhhh and I got him all perfect gifts that he loved and was thrilled over. I feel like he put no thought or care into what he gave me. Okay rant done.