give up on love

I got married at 17 and iv been with him from I was 13 I just found out that while I was working as a student nurse 3 years ago my husband cheated with my best friend who then ended up having a baby boy who me and my husband would baby sit and I went to all her scans not one off then thought enough off me to tell me until today when she got dumped and came crying to my husband about being pregnant with my husbands twins !!! Omg he's actually had he's son and his other woman in our home never mind the fact she's my best friend but yeah iv been the loyal one to give my best friend money for her house and my husband doesn't work so I'm selling the house and leaving here's to my new life alone !!! Fuck love 
Update I was supposed to be working today but my husband was sick so I stayed at home to look after him ( I was in the bathroom doing a pee when she came I heard everything myself 💔)