Nausea and throwing up on first day of period

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Yesterday I started my period (Cycle day 1). I didn't experience too bad of cramps, but laid down because my lower back hurt. Within an hr of laying down, I was SO NAUSEATED. For the next 13 hrs I was throwing up stomach bile because I had an empty stomach. Every time I got up, shifted bodyweight or woke up from my nap I threw up. I was supposed to go to a dinner party with my man and had to cancel. I could not make it even if I have forced myself to. I felt so guilty but went back to bed right after. Didnt get ANYTHING done, the house was a mess and I left dirty dishes in the sink. I felt so guilty. Today I am feeling much better but am feeling incredibly guilty and embarrassed because of how sick I was. I felt like I was being rude to my man when all he was doing was being nice.

Can anyone relate?????