Not agreeing on children....

Hi. My hubby and I are both 30 and have well paying, stable jobs. We were high school sweethearts and were on and off for many years, until about 6 years ago when we re-committed to each other and here we are... Now I'm wanting a child and he "isn't ready." Problem is he doesn't know if he will ever want children. He insists he is open to the conversation but he doesn't want to feel pressured and risk a family situation that he resents... and I understand this. Obviously I want him on board. I am terrified that I will hold on to hope only to have my dreams of being a mother never realized and ultimately resent the man that I love because he kept that from me.

Although we are not homeowners and there are still things we want to accomplish, I feel like it's now our never to TTC. I feel my clock ticking!

This is part venting and part seeking advice... I just don't know what to do