Baby movement at 29 weeks


I'm 29 weeks and for the past week I've definitely felt more movement from baby throughout the day. It does depend on what I'm doing as I'm out and about for work, but I'm feeling her move more not just when I'm sitting or lying.

Last night before bed I lay down to rest and read, and felt her move loads! My tummy was up and down and it was a mixture of hard kicks and the rolling, swishing feeling. I wouldn't say movements were frantic just a lot more than I usually get at night. I had to get checked out last week due to reduced movement and all was good, baby had turned and my placenta is anterior so was feeling her less.

I decided to Google increased movement and gave myself a fright! I've woken up this morning to what seems like her usual movement but was going to monitor as usual throughout the day.

Is it maybe just that I was resting for longer and looking at my belly? Is this a time when movements will increase?

I'm such a worrier just wondering if others have experienced this and I will definitely call my midwife if I feel really concerned. I like to think she was having a good old time in my uterus.