May sound a bit crazy

Ok so I'm gonna make this as short as possible. My uncle was accused of doing sexual things with his 13 yr old step daughter. He was in jail, most of the charges were dropped except for 1. I do believe something happened, but I've never heard both stories. Anyway, after 8 months in jail he was released. He moved into my grandmothers home with her and my grandfather. They moved about a week ago & now they want him out. He's 42 no job, trying for disability he will never get because there is nothing wrong with him. He's been trying for 7 years. Anyway, he's on Megan's law so he's registered and goes to classes. Weekly for the charges. I feel like he's been trying to guilt me into staying with my husband and I. We live in an apartment building, attached to my husbands fathers pizza shop. If he stayed here he'd have to register our address as his. I am very good at falling for the 'guilt trip' because I don't like letting people down. I'm a push over. Anyway, I'll put the messages down below & maybe someone can help me decide if that's what he's trying to do and advice on how I should handle the situation. Like I said , I'm a push over to nice to just say no but I WILL NOT ALLOW A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER TO LIVE WITH MY HUSBAND AND I. I don't have children but I still won't do it. Please no rude comments. :) Thanks ladies! 
Messages: him- Ok well ive tried just about everyone n everywhere for a place n i think im going to end up on the streets and thats not a joke
Me- I messaged aunt Karen to see if she knew pappys number, but she never messaged me back. 
Him- Oops anyways i talked to him i literally have nowhere to go so i guess ill be homeless unable to go to classes so ill be back in jail thats what it looks like is going to happen
He's constantly texting me telling me he's gonna be on the streets.