Need opinions please....kinda long sorry.(UPDATE)


Posting anonymously because I feel kind of stupid for being annoyed about this. Ok. So I really just want to let this go but I'm so frustrated. A little back story for why I was a little upset last night at my husband, at the end of last month he was at his yearly 2 week AT (annual training) for the military, he's in the reserves. Well I had found out he was texting and flirting, even calling, with a woman in his unit the WHOLE time. He was basically texting and calling her more then he was talking to me. Well when he got back 2 weeks ago I confronted him about it and he kept saying they were friends before we were even together. He said they had liked each other but nothing ever happened between them. I even messaged her last week asking if anything happened, because he told me to so I could have peace of mind about it. Well, her response when I asked was basically saying she knows him and it's not in his character to cheat, that it's sad this is her first impression of me blah blah blah....well he said he wouldn't talk to her outside of their monthly drill because he knows he crossed a line during AT. Well. Yesterday I found out he texted her and called her in the morning on his way to work, he was asking how she was doing because she had hurt her back during AT. They talked on the phone for almost and hour. Then he called her last night on his way home from work. I guess I would just like your opinion on this and how you would feel.... **UPDATE** Thank you everyone...I forgot to mentuom she does have a boyfriend....well my husband and I talked earlier about it and of course he got pissy about it and said he'll just stop being friends with her, that's what he said when we talked about it the weekend before this past weekend. But yet he talked to her yesterday? So I guess I'll just have to see if he will or not..I just don't understand it. I told him to imagine if it was reversed if he would be mad about it and he said "yeah, of course". But we'll see what happens. Again, thank you everyone for helping me realize I'm not overreacting❤