I went to my doc last year to get a repeat on my pill but only of a couple of months as was planning on coming off the pill just before my wedding last year which I did the day before to start trying for s baby which was also the first time we had sex ever so was scared however I said to the doctor that I have over active overiars which I got told that when I was younger that's why o was on the pill to help with my periods as I suffered really bad with them when I was younger always regular and was laid up for a couple of days with them they were really bad I don't remember any tests being done it was 5+ years ago now and when I said to my doctor about it he said its coz I have pcos but how dose he know without any tests can they know that without doing tests I am regular for af except in jan when I was two weeks late started for two days stopped then two weeks later had another ad for three days both of them were light but back to 28 days after that do I pcos or am I ok please help hope you can