My birth story! Kamden Tyler got stuck!


So I️ went in for a doctors appointment on Tuesday and my blood pressure was supper high so they admitted me for pre-eclampsia and chose to induce me at 6pm that day. I️ was laboring for until about 12pm the next day then I️ started to push at 12pm and I️ was pushing for a solid hour and a half and he had gotten stuck in my birth canal I️ was running on 24 hours no sleep and I️ was exhausted and had like no energy to push. I️ was giving up and screaming I️ was hurting so bad even with my epidural. His heart rate started to drop and my temperature reached 100 degrees. So they put an oxygen mask on me and sent a whole bunch of doctors in and my fiancé and sister and mother started crying because they knew it was getting bad. But I️ prayed on my last push and out he came ! I️ did it and it was the hardest thing I️ have ever done in my life. But I’m glad I️ did it. I️ love my son so much and I️ feel like super woman. He’s such a sweet baby and he breast feeds so good. He loves his mama and his daddy. He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 1/2 inches long 💕