Beebs • 25. New England. Pansexual.

So the way I learned I had HSV-2 is that I had a labial tear from sex with my boyfriend. I was worried so I saw my gyno.

I didn’t notice any sores or blisters so I was just worried about the rip because it was bad like a deep tear that went inside my vaginal opening a little.

She told me it was probably herpes, and the test came back positive.

So now I’m wondering, was the tear actually a blister? It definitely tore during the sex - I could feel it, but I didn’t want to stop and ruin the moment.

I was put on Valtrex and it cleared up. Then I was on my period so we waited. My boyfriend and I finally had sex tonight and I noticed a tear again...definitely not as bad as last time, but I am bleeding now.

Now I’m worrying that another outbreak is starting. Again, I felt it happen as soon as we switched positions - I literally said “you’re ripping me!” So we switched back. He has not been tested yet because he doesn’t have health insurance and he doesn’t have sores so any test will be iffy.

Has anyone else had this experience?

This is not my first time being torn. It actually has happened with a lot of my...umm...bigger partners. I just haven’t found a lube that doesn’t burn / sting my lady bits.

Thank you in advance!!

Oh, also any tips on healing a tear would be greatly appreciated.