Speaking up about a cheater

Tonight I got a message from a girl saying that my ex (who i split with a week ago) had cheated on me with her and was still trying to message her up until the end of or relationship.

The girl was so lovely, and had shown me messages of him continuously saying he was single, when we were together.

She only found out we were together a couple of weeks ago and said she was too scared to tell me but couldn’t sit back any longer.

MORAL OF THE STORY ladies, if you ever get with someone and know, or later find out they have a partner then I urge you to tell the poor soul.

I’m SOOOOO glad this gal told me because i know it’ll make getting over him so much easier as I see him for the weasel and snake he is. I had been pining for him to come back, and now I just find him a laughable excuse for a man who is undeserving of my attention, affection or time. It’s been the push I need.

I know it can be hard to say something but put yourself in the other persons position. Please please speak up.

We gotta support each other ladies!