I feel nervous I’ve messed it up this month

Okay, before everyone says ‘it’s too early this it’s too early that’ I come on here to get things off my chest without these types of comments.

I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

After being unsuccessful last month I thought this month I’d focus more & use OPKs & temp. DH & me had intercourse on the ‘appropriate’ days but 2 of the days he didn’t ejaculate. I felt positive & that ‘this was it’ but today I feel like I’ve missed it! I’ve had light camping like AF but not due till 28th feb, nipples are sensitive, I’m spotty, CM has dried up to lotion type & cervix is high, soft & closed. My temp took a dip today & its made me feel sad. Today I’ve felt so sad & down because I feel I’ve missed the window. Suppose we’ll just need to keep waiting & see what happens. Good luck to all of you!

The 13th & 17th February are the days he didn’t ejaculate.

Thanks for listening & supporting all the glow ladies on here!!