10w3d ultrasound 🙈❤️


So yesterday we had our 2nd prenatal appointment. My fiancé was sitting in the waiting room because we didn’t expect to see the baby or anything... but as soon as Im sitting there in the room the nurse brings in the ultrasound machine. I asked if we were having an ultrasound that day. She said “it looks as if you are”. So I asked if I could get the baby’s dad cause he’s still in the waiting room. I call him and tell him to talk to the front desk and to get back to where I’m at. He knocks and slowly opens the door. The second he sees the ultrasound machine he breaks into a huge smile. He knows whats going to happen. He moves my bag so he can see the screen. Then the doctor told him to stand on my side so we can both see, so he does. When the baby is up on the screen all I see is him smiling. Then I see the baby waving and it hides once again. Too cute. Then the doctor says if the baby stops moving so much we can hear a small clip of the heartbeat. The baby at that point stays still so we can hear it. The minute I hear the heartbeat I look at him and his smile got even bigger. It was truly cute. Heart rate is 155, baby also looks healthy❤️ once we get home we look at the other ultrasound we got weeks prior. I then realized we have a shy baby because every time we try and see him/her, he/she hides🙈❤️ my cute lil jellybean is getting bigger!

7w1d Ultrasound: has

10w3d Ultrasound:

Cant wait for Oct.2nd❤️