I think i need a change. I need some advice pretty please everyone

I'm 23 - still inlove with the absolute love of my life without a doubt. 6 yrs together broke up in May last year. I still feel as hurt as when we broke up. it's absolutely killing me. For now its for the best but who knows what the future holdsšŸ™ I have noone at all to talk to about this so I think it's all building up lol.

Lately I've just been thinking about my life and feeling I need the biggest change but I don't know in what way.

I feel like I want to move away for a while. All I do is work, then my pay goes straight to bills and rent and I'm left with nothing.

I work at a holiday park and we have another about 8 hrs away. Its kind of in the middle of nowhere but idk Ive been thinking about asking for a transfer just for a year or so. I know they need workers there and if I was to do this I'd live there for free for as long as I need.

Basically that's just how I feel. Idk my emotions are a wreck but I kind of get excited about moving away. Like it's not too far and I can always come home for visit and stuff.

Has anyone made any big choice and what were they? How was the outcome.