My fiancé can’t stand me eating

My fiancé is one of those people that eats unbelievably irritated by noises such as people eating or breathing loud and stuff. Well aparently I eat and breathe and snore and sniff and swallow and everything really loud. We have a great relationship but when we eat he sits one end of our corner sofa and I sit at he other and he just stares at me the entire time and shouts ‘shut up! Do you wanna eat any louder? Stop eating so disgustingly just eat normally!’ But I try my hardest. I don’t eat with my mouth open or anything. Everything else is great but it gets me really annoyed because it’s not my problem if he’s annoyed by people eating. I should be allowed to eat and drink in my own house in peace. I’m not allowed to eat crisps or crackers in the same room as him and it’s not fair.

How do I get him to just leave me alone when I eat? Or how can I eat quieter? I feel like I’m trying my best to be quiet and he’s not trying at all.

Again just want to reiterate that the rest of our relationship is amazing and we’re so happy together so please don’t swamp me with the ‘dump him’ comments that are on every post