Do you split chores with your SO??


I’m struggling with this. I’m a SAHM, have been for a year & a half now & am 16 weeks with baby number 2. So I’m freaking tired. Yesterday was AWFUL with my daughter. I had an appointment scheduled during her nap time *totally my dumbass fault* so I didn’t get to take advantage of her nap time for me to also relax! I don’t always take a nap when she does but I was sooo tired yesterday. Anyways she wouldn’t stop climbing on me, the kitchen was a mess & she tore the living room apart. So when my husband got home I was suuuuuper aggravated. Normally he gets home & our place is pretty clean for the most part. I should mention that right now he works from 12-8:30 at night so usually gets home at about 9. So my question is, do you guys do all of the cleaning since you stay at home? Or does your SO do certain things? Like when do I get a break? But I know he needs a break too. Ugh help 😭