Bfp after time frame - UPDATE


I know your not meant to look at tests after time frame, but if we’re honest we all do it!

I’m having a frantic week as had clear bfps at 7dpo then complete bfns then barely there vvvfl and this morning done this one thinking it’s another barely there line. Done it at 5am (needed to wee) and waited 5 mins, extremely faint line, thought prob negative, so put it with my others. Went to look at it now at its bfp....... is this classed as an evap if it’s that pink?

Just confused and having a tough week, any thoughts?

Bfps 7dpo (all 3 done with same urine)

Had negatives after this

Today’s test in 2 mins

Today’s test after 5 mins

Today’s test after 3ish hours



So today is 14dpo and I’m still in limbo and confused what is going on. Still just getting extremely faint lines, but no AF yet! Just desperate for these lines to get darker within the time frame! 😩 not any further forward I’m afraid but here’s today’s vvvvf barely there line 😩