positive opk CD62 two weeks after starting vitex. opinions please?


Hi ladies

Haven' t been around in a while after not catching on th last round of clomid, we have been focusing on other things and generally not really trying.

Anyway decided to give vitex another go, did try it before on and off but never really saw anything happen.

Anyway ive been taking it for about two weeks maybe threeish, and ive got what looks to me like a positive OPK on CD62, I've only ever had one positive opk before ans that was on our last cycle of clomid, so looking for your opinions?

Normally i dont get a visable second line at all lol

The two above are from yesterday and the day before.

Also my nipples are slightly sore today and I've only ever had this after O or day of O. What are your thoughts? Would you class this as pos? (It's not completely dry yet,pic taken at about 2 mins)

Hopefully it is as we dtd this morning, not thinking that I would O, but will not have the chance to do it again now for about 6 days as im starting a long string in nights tonight (10 in a row) and OH is on days so wont be in the house at all together till probably next Tuesday afternoon

Anyway what do you think? Pos?

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