what do I do?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he was too busy with planning his future after our last year of high school. He’s on many running teams and in private school this summer for track and field. Nothing really wrong was going on between us we just hadn’t gotten to see each other for 2 weeks and the last time we saw each other was when I took his virginity. He’s a really good guy, never disrespected me at all, and showed he loved me. He was just overwhelmed by the fact that he has 8 Canadian and American universities who want him to go there and this coming school year he needs to keep his grades up so he can get all the scholarships that are waiting for him. He said he doesn’t wanna disappoint me because he won’t be able to make me happy since he’s so busy, but even if he’s busy that never bothered me. He told my friend he sees us getting back together after this school year because that’s when we’ll be heading off to university, but that’s literally 11 months from now. Him and I are going to have classes this semester and I don’t want things to be awkward between us. I truly have strong feelings for him and want to get back together with him but I don’t know what to do or so to make it happen. I don’t wanna be that “distraction” that he might think I’ll end up being. I’m definitely happy he’s trying so hard to have a good future ahead of him, but I’ve been going through a lot of tough things myself these passed couple weeks and he was the only one who kept my sanity intact. I’ve been diagnosed with manic depression but he was honestly the only one who could keep me happy. Once he entered my life, everything turned around for me and now he’s gone and I just feel so lost. So, any ideas as to what I should do? Should I just leave it and move on? I feel like if i try getting him back I’ll seem desperate but if we both still have feelings for each other what’s holding us back? Please give some input!!!