Should I give up *read*

These are my opks, I have pcos and my Dr put me on Progesterone then BC pills and 1,000mg of Metformin. I should have ovulated July.31st (in a perfect world) and started testing the day after I had my withdrawl bleed (it was only very light pink spotting for three days) I had the Clearblue Advanced digital ovulation test which doesn't work well with pcos. I didn't get my new tests until a few days after my predicted ovulation, the CBAD gave a high reading the day before on July 30th and continued to give high until 8/3 when I switched. Since 8/3 I've slowly started giving up, all my opks are negative and they are all the same color! These are the darkest opks I've ever had but they are negative day in and day out, should I just give up and wait until October when I get to start Clomid?

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