Does age matter when it comes to pregnancy?!

Jaz💜 • Life'sAClimbButTheViewIsGreat💞

Hello lovely people, I need your opinion please.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 and told I'll never be able to conceive naturally.

3 days ago I've just found out I am expecting! (Happy happy happy), definitely a massive shock to me, I am 5 weeks and 5 days!

I am 20 and will be 21 two months before my due date and my partner is 25!, my partner, mum and Nan are over the moon. But my dad and oldest brother are so against it and get to me to the point I cry and just want to hide in a hole and they believe I shouldn't keep it.

But I am going to keep it because it means a lot to me and I never thought I was going to get this opportunity, so I'm grasping it with both hands and the perfect little human I have created is going to be so cherished!,

Do you think it's a bad age? What age do you think is a good age?

I just feel alone and rubbish.


Thankyou so much with all your positive comments, it means so much!, me and my SO are more than financially stable and over the moon in joy!, aslong as our little human is doing great, I don't think anyone's negative comments should even matter!, I know myself I won't be any more or less of a mother than anyone else despite their age, thanks everyone 💞