TMI: Acne on the butt?

Bit of a TMI topic so be gentle please lol. What can I do about Acne on the butt cheeks? I seem to get quite a lot and my husband is a butt guy so I feel a bit embarrassed when I have a flare up. I’ve not noticed any patterns in the flare up they just seem really random. He’s never said anything before but I just think it’s unattractive. I know I’ll probably get some people tell me if my husband doesn’t have a problem with it then not to worry but the truth is, they also make me itchy so that’s another issue, I really want to get rid of them. In terms of cleanliness, my sheets are changed once a week, I change my underwear more than once a day, and I shower at least once every two days if not everyday. (Even if it’s a quick jump in and wash my body so I smell nice and clean when he comes home). Many thanks!