doctor appt yesterday stupid doctor


so went for my first doctors appt yesterday and I think the doctor got it wrong... well actually I know she got it wrong with my dates lol .... she asked when the first day of my lmp was so I said 31ST JULY she got her circle dating thing out and goes your only something like 4 weeks I was like no I'm supposed to be 7 weeks 3 or 4 days she then said if your lmp was 31ST OCTOBER I then said no 31st July (it's not even october!!!) so she puts it to I'm assuming 31st July and she goes oh your 7 +6 I was like what how as I did calculation online it said 7+3/4 as my due date is 7th may so she goes nope your due date is 9th may (my 16 month old birthday) I was like ok and once I got out the docs I changed date on here to 9th may ... well it went down to 7 +1 weeks with due date 9th may .... SO SHE GOT IT ALL WRONG ... I got first midwife appt Tues (when I should be 8 weeks exactly in my eyes) so I'm sure they will confirm it's actually the 7th may until I have my first scan .... as if I was going by what doc said yesterday my due date would actually be 4th may ... as according to her calculations im 8 weeks today yet my period was only 7 weeks and 4 days ago... stupid doctor