Vaginal Scar tissue after delivery


I'm hoping someone has experience this because I am miserable.

I had a natural birth mid May, and the healing was terrible. I had 3rd a degree tear, and ended up being stitched up for about an hour and a half. After the six weeks, I was still a bit uncomfortable and I figured I just needed a little extra time to heal. We tried sex for the first time at about 10 weeks PP and it was unbearable. We tried again at 12 weeks and still, I couldn't handle it. I went to see my OB, and she told me I didn't heal properly. Basically a bridge of scar tissue formed over my vaginal opening, forming a small second hole. I also had scarring all around my vaginal opening.

I got a small surgery to remove the bridge but didn't do much else because doc said my body could react the same way and just do more scarring.

I am 5 days post surgery and I'm in even more pain than before. Plus I woke up this morning to good ol' AF for the first time since birth.

I don't know what to do. I'm terrified I'm never going to be able to have or enjoy sex again. And I want more babies!! 😞

Has anyone experienced something similar?