Should I stay or should I go?


So me and my boyfriend are originally from Texas but he’s currently stationed in North Carolina. I’ve been living with him for about almost 5 months now and he’s been living here way longer, but here’s the dilemma.

He wanted to take leave in November around thanksgiving because he misses home and so do I. But he talked to his squad leader and now they are saying they aren’t sure if he’s gonna be able to go home because of shortage of people working. So the next possible time he could leave is either this November or next year around March, which is too long of a wait.

Now he said he would send me home for Thanksgiving but I feel selfish for going because I haven’t been away as long as he has. I feel like I’m rubbing it in his face that I can leave and go whenever I want.

I miss my family so much but I love this man and don’t want to leave him here with no one especially for the holidays. But yet I feel like I’m choosing him over my family, especially by me picking up, leaving and moving thousands miles away from home.

So any advice on what I should do?