She needs to get HER man.

He is texting me from different numbers because I blocked him. He cheated on me with a girl from work. He broke up with me over the phone in front of her, hung up, and let her answer his phone when I called back. She told me, “He is not available”. She sounded like a dumb hoe that puts up with anything and is impressed by anything. I mean, he was choosing her over me, so of course she’s feeling good about herself, but who the fuck does he have this bitch thinking she is. Don’t ever think you’re about to talk to me as if you want to be petty bitch. I went OFF and she handed him that phone quick lol. She knew better because I was not having it. He downgraded and he will be the one looking stupid walking around with that on his arm. I met her and I know that it won’t work. She was all in my face the nights we worked late together, so I know enough. I sent her a dm about the whole situation. She didn’t reply, so obviously she doesn’t give a fuck. I asked that she let me know when they became exclusive considering that there was literally no time in between relationships. I basically warned her. Now he thinks he can come back to me. He really has her fooled and she is so excited right now, but clueless. She tweets about him all the time and calls him her man constantly. He is texting me behind her back asking to get back together. I keep telling him no. He works with this girl, so she will be right there when he needs her. I want to tell her to get HER man, but should I let it play out or no. She didn’t reply to my first message, so that lets me know she doesn’t give a fuck and won’t believe me. That means she won’t care about him secretly texting me either, right? I will not take him back. He must suffer for his disrespect towards me and anyone else that has sense. I think I’m worth too much and I’ve been told that I was too good for him from the beginning. I really think I won at this point because I needed this to happen.