Pelvic Inflammatory Disease...PID


So I finally found out a little of what is happening with my body.

I had my normal period in August. Then I spotted for 8 days at the end of September. Then I had NOTHING until yesterday. I was 17 days late if i count September as a normal period, and I still wasn't pregnant. 5 tests...all negative.

Yesterday I started bleeding. This morning I stopped bleeding and was suddenly in the WORST pain I have ever experienced. My husband took me to the ER.

After taking urine, taking blood, doing 2 ultrasounds, 2 pelvic exams, and checking my vitals a billion times, I was diagnosed with PID.

I just turned 39. I have been TTC for 5 years. I have had 2 miscarriages. Now this. I'm scared even more now because PID can cause infertility.

My follow up is in 3 weeks. Hopefully the doctor will say we can keep trying.