🌈 Meant to be 9 weeks but scam said I’m 5/6 weeks


I had a miscarriage and I didn’t have a period till cycle day 38 then I ttc... my period was spotting then I only had 1 day bleed on the 14th sep

I had a vfl on the 15th October... I went for a emergency scan this week ...(week9)and they said I was too early ...

I would be 9 weeks on a normal cycle so with my 38 day one and looking at when I had sex I would of conceived on the 6th or 10th of October which would make me 5/6 weeks???

But how did I get a very faint line on the 15th ??

I got a scan to check if any growth in 7 days possibly it stopped growing or I did conceive late