I cant tell if this guy likes me!!

Ellison ā€¢

So I have a Geometry class with this guy who I just can't read. I only started talking to him this year. Last year I saw him every once and a while but never really noticed him and he never really noticed me or at least I think.

I have a Geometry class right now (which by the way I'm in geometry writing this right now) šŸ˜‚. Anyway so I

always kind catch him glancing at me but I don't know if I'm reading too much into it. Also he remembers stuff about that I'll only mentioned once. For example I told him and my other friends that I was taking my drivers next that coming next week. No one else asked me about it after that except for him. The next week after my test he asked me how it went. Which was really sweet, but I am so mad now because I never liked him before but I guess thinking's about the fact that he might had made me kinda like him. I don't know what to do!! We're not even that close. Also in geometry I was just talking to my friends about my ex and I noticed out of the corner of my eye him looking very interested he even turned in his seat facing toward me!! Ugh.

I'll keep you updated.


I hate myself I have officially developed a crush on him.