Relationship struggles


I was at the mall meeting my boyfriend the other day and he turned up 20 minutes late. Once he arrived he got a call from a girl and he walked off so I followed him. He met a group of people and he was flirting to this girl from the call. They all then walk off leaving me alone. Then he leaves them and comes find me waiting for the bus home as they all left me. He gets on with me says hes coming to mine then he (without notice) gets off of the bus at an early stop to go back to his house.

That was one story. So I have this lump on my ear and people always take the piss out of me because of it. I walk to my friendship groups table and they’re all sat down laughing and talking about it. I sit down and from across the table he reaches over and flicks it. Out of all people I thought he would be the one not to do that. I got so upset I just up and left.

He also makes fun of my religion a lot. (I’m Christian) I’ve told her and asked him politely to stop but he just carries on.

Later today I dumped him. I still love him but he’s being horrible to me when he’s meant to be the kindest person I know. I feel so bad but at the same time I still love him and I don’t know what to do. Please help?