UGHHH!!!! Idk what to do


So one of my friends told me that one of his friends has a HUGEEEE crush on me. My friend told me that he's always talking about me and how he loves everything about how mysterious i am and stuff. But the thing is I never talked to him and he's never talked to me but today he found my IG and decided to dm me so we make conversation and talk for lil bit and he's really sweet. But the thing is like he would be saying things like "i think im in love" and "i got this disese called love for u" n' stuff like that but we just started talking today so im confused on why he would do that so early like i understand he likes me but it cant be that serious already can it??


So today we talked again and now im pretty sure this guy is in love with me 😂. I mean its cute and all but its also weird of him to be saying ily and sending hearts like i officially met him yesterday and he barely knows me. Why is he so head over heels for me?? He told me that he isnt able to bottle up his feelings but why is he telling me what he feels? Shouldn't he go to a good friend to spill his feelings for me to? like i get he doesn't want to hold it back but its so much to handle in such little time.