Saving money 💰 help


Right, I need help people me and my partner are bloody useless at saving money!

We want to hopefully get a mortgage in 2019 to move out. We live in the tiniest flat ever currently (so much so that the majority of my things are still at my mothers). We want to move out and start a family hopefully so need some tips on saving money. I am salaried and earn approx £1100 a month of which around £500 is paid out on bills, insurance and other necessities. I do have to pay for things such as petrol & clothes also but stuff like that varies. My boyfriend earns about the same (£1100) as he isnt salaried he is paid hourly rate so it differs each month depending on how many hours he has done. He pays out around £600 on the flat bills and food, etc.

So by my maths we should have at least £900 left each month but we NEVER do always by mid moth we are skint. I do waste alot of money which I am trying to stop but has anyone got any tips on how to save money because we really want this....

(Thanks in advance)