HcG level return to 0 after miscarriage?

Laura 🇬🇧

Hi Ladies,

Sorry to ask such a hard question but can you help me by letting me know how long after your miscarriage started (i.e. the first full day of bleeding) that your HcG returned to undetectable levels? Also, how far were you when you miscarried?

I had a MC that started on 23rd December but as it was a missed miscarriage, the embryo had actually stopped developing at 5-6 weeks 😔

I’ve been feeling really odd again over the last 24 hours and having some pelvic pain so I took an OPK to see what my LH was up to. It was low so I then took a 10 miu hpt which is showing positive 😦 the reason I am confused is that my previous test on 2nd Jan as neg, suggesting all HcG had gone. It could be sensitivity issue? Or new pregnancy but I’m not sure this is possible