So sad

Laura β€’ πŸ‘Ό 10/18🌈 πŸ‘Ά 03/20 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ No2 due May 22’

This app has helped me before. This will sound weird to some people but our house rabbit died on Friday and I am so devastated and to make it worse it was my fault and my heart hurts so much. He figured out how to use the cat flap a few months back, so we lock him away when we are at work, then we get home lock the cat flap and let him free in the house. I got home from work let him out, but forgot to lock the cat flap. I realised 5 minutes later he had got out, ran outside to find him and a Fox had killed him 😒😭 So devastated. He must have been so scared and we loved him so much, he was only 16 months old. It’s not fair!! I want him back