Cat • 💙 01.08.2019 💙

I was out for dinner with my fiancé last night and the waiter came to take our drinks order. It was an Indian restaurant and he had quite a strong accent. I asked for a water and a Diet Coke. My fiancé got a beer.

The drinks arrived without my water (no big deal) and the waiter poured my diet coke into a glass with ice. I drank most of the coke quickly and felt absolutely out my mind drunk. I put it down to a dizzy spell. The feeling didn’t pass so we got the bill as soon as we’d finished eating.

On the bill they’d charged for a vodka and a Diet Coke, alongside the beers. I assume what happened was the waiter misheard “water” for “vodka”. Just a miscommunication.

I feel AWFUL. Not physically but psychologically. Has anyone ever been in a similar position where they’ve had alcohol when pregnant? Being the baby’s source of everything, I dont know how damaging this would’ve been? I came home and drank a ton of water and cried!!