So proud of him


So I’ve been with my boyfriend for around 10 months and we’ve had a very active and exciting sex life, when I get to see him because we’re in a long term relationship. We were sexting tonight and I’ve had my suspicions for a long time but I finally asked him tonight if he liked it when I was more I charge. Seems random but I am a sub and he naturally is very dominant in everyday life, there for the bedroom rules kind of natural progressed. Anyway so I asked if he liked it when I was in control and he said yes, I gave him some different scenarios and he said he wanted to do all of them. I’m so proud of him for him to be more open with me about this as I know it’s very hard for him to show his sensitive/submissive side, but I am now proudly for the first time ever in a switch relationship. I’m very excited to learn all about this and I just had to share it somewhere.