One day out of nowhere my boyfriend walks up to me in school and asks what day are you suppose to get your period and I told him on Monday then I asked y he wanted to know and he said just interested I said ok then Monday comes around and he’s like did you get it I said now then on Friday he said did you get it this week I said no then he got concerned I said I didn’t do anything I’m fine he thought I was pregnant on Saturday I hung out with him all day and he asked if I got it I said no but I feel like I’m going to get it tonight he said ok and he texted me like 4 hours after i got home and he said did you get it I said yes and he said thank god I didn’t want a little one running around because we’re only 13 and I said there is no way I could I gotten pregnant because we are still virgins so now he is going to keep asking more questions about periods should I tell him or no