Am I overthinking?


So my bf and I have been working on being more open with each other. He is very reserved and doesn’t like the sit down and talk about feelings thing. We live together now, so I’m trying to see if we can handle things like the adults we are.

He told me he had a crush on a girl he worked with. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered because crushes are normal. However this girl snapchats him often and has been trying to lean on him emotionally.

I told him this is unsettling for me and I don’t like her snapchatting him about things other than work, and even then she doesn’t need to be doing that via Snapchat. He says that his crush on her is nothing and he would never act on anything.

I don’t want to control him, but I am leaving town for a week vacation to see my parents. I’m worried she will take that as an opportunity. I know how slimy and sneaky women can be and how oblivious my bf can be.

What should I say/do? I don’t know how to handle this.