Does your family give you hassle for not having baby?

Urgh.. I’m so miserable.. my family are giving me so much stress regards having a baby. I turned 30 in feb, partner is 41, both healthy, together over 5 years. but not had baby yet.. we keep saying we will try but partner gets cold feet & so we put it off for few more months.. this has been happening on and off since 2016.. my family are now constantly telling me I’m wasting my time with him & he is dangling the idea of a baby in my face to keep me in the relationship, as he can’t afford to rent by himself on his wages & needs my income. They say that my fertility will drop now I’m in my 30s

I’m really hurt by their comments,, is it possible their right though?? All I want is to be a mum but my partner has all but given up on sex or intimacy , since October we’ve made loved maybe 9/10 x...

I need some impartial advice :( am I wasting my life on a guy who will never give me the family and intimacy I crave., or am I right in sticking by him ??