Travelling with dad... where should I go?


Wondering what city I should visit??

bit of context, my dad and I have a bit of a strained relationship because I rarely ever see him.

This summer he’s let me decide where I want to go, basically got all the power here

I’m 13, and me and my dad both just started running recently (not together btw,, avg distance about 2-3 km) so we are thinking about going on some short runs together on holiday

I also like history and sightseeing.

Thinking of going to Venice, Milan or Berlin, somewhere like that... wanted to go to Amsterdam but apparently everyone does drugs there coz it’s legal.

Also want to visit somewhere safe. I’ve already been to Paris, Las Vegas + LA, Greece, Singapore + Florida and really enjoyed all of them!!

So let me know where you think I should go based on what I just said. Thanks xx

P.s preferably not awfully expensive, but relatively clean and safe for a teen girl...

EDIT: I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me about my dad btw, only want to talk about where I should go no offence xx but anyone who is in the same situation my messages r always open xx 😚