Green discharge? Help! (TMI)

So I'm around 8 weeks pregnant, 4 weeks ago I started what I originally thought was my period but after 4-5 days I decided to take a test because even though I was bleeding heavily it wasn't like my normal period at all, tested positive, continued bleeding lightly (mostly brown blood) for about a week and then started just spotting but every day I've spotted light brown/ sometimes pink until I finally stopped a few days ago, but now I have a new issue, discharge is green? I thought at first it's just light blood mixed with it to make it discolored but taking a picture it definitely looks green to there anything other than an STD that can cause this? Has anyone experienced this while pregnant? My boyfriend and I have been together for over two years and I've been tested a couple times during our relationship always coming back completely clean so if I were to have an STD he would have had to of cheated on me within the last year so I'm kind of terrified I'm gonna find that out which would really put a damper on the pregnancy that were so excited for because I would not be with him if he's cheated on me. I've asked him and he swears he hasn't but I will always have trust issues and anxiety when it comes to this especially when I have discharge like this so anyways im looking for some peace of mind. Please let me know if this has ever happened and ended up not being STD related.