Always reading to much into things


Ok guys I need some opinions if I overreacted. So my son got hit while riding his bike he's 20, so I told his grandma to call his dad so he can go sit with him seeing that my truck is down, my son's girlfriend was here at my home so she asked my son's father could he pick her up so she could be with him and he made a remark that he couldn't because he didn't wanna have to talk to me, don't see what that has to do with anything seeing I haven't even tried to contact him and when I do it's always about our son and I go through his mom. But that's not that problem I told my husband what was said and he Intrupts and first thing out his mouth was have you been tryna contact him, which I told him no haven't made any attempts nor have I sent messages. So the next morning he asked that same question and I snapped at him like I told you last night I haven't tried to contact this man don't know why he would say that.we were supposed to laugh at his dumb as remark but instead he's reading to much into it So now he's upset, mind you he's been on vacation from work and we've been under each other constantly.