How do you get over your first time

Hey ladies I have a question for you.

So I had sex for the first time just over 2 years ago (I’m 22 now) and it was with a guy that I had met only a day earlier so we didn’t really know each other and our relationship after having sex was short-lived. I’m talking a few weeks of back and forth snap chatting with a few texts in between before I was ghosted by him.

I ask how to get over your first time having sex because even two years later I’m still haunted by the memory of him. The sex was consensual and everything but every now and again I am reminded of him.

I’m currently in a relationship and have been for more than a year. We’ve been intimate but I fear that this lingering feeling with the first guy I had sex with might mess things up.

Just curious if this is a “normal” feeling and if anyone is in the same position or has some advice to share. Thanks ☺️