tmi period pad pic

would you say this is excessive bleeding this is my first period since I gave birth 7 weeks ago this is a pad I was wearing for about 30 mins this is going on day 2 now and just seems to be getting heavier. I am heavier then what my pp bleeding was i just feel like I'm gushing blood every few mins. i have been awake 3 nearly 4 hours now and changed about 6 times it's been that many times I've lost count but 6 seems about right if not more I'm having to turn the pads around so what should be the back is at the front as I'm only bleeding at the front the back is always cleanish and the pad is going up towards the bottom of my belly so it's just like it's being squeezed upwards instead of dripping down if that makes sense.... this pad is an always night time pad :( ... and as you can see it's gone over the side and so it leaked onto my knickers every time I've got off the toilet to pull up my knickers I've felt a gush so I look and the pad is almost like this picture.