Miscarriage - too soon to try again?


A couple of days before going on holiday I had a scan to confirm we had lost our little one at 5 weeks -this was about 2 weeks ago now. The holiday couldn’t of come at a better time for my partner and I, even though I’d shed a few tears while away I felt a little brighter...now I’m back I can’t help feeling this sense of emptiness and sadness of not still having my baby growing inside me again. I know I was very early along but couldn’t help imagining our family, now thats all gone.

I want to be pregnant again, like straight away. Is it too soon? I don’t think I’m necessarily trying to replace the baby that we lost or am I? I don’t know.

I also think am I strong enough to do this again, I’m absolutely petrified that I could miscarriage again, any kind of twinge, or any spotting again, I’m not sure how I’d cope. Any advice?