Such an idiot

I broke up with my bf of almost four years today. I’m beyond hurt. Today was his last day in town. Hs leaving tomorrow morning. We had plans to start a future, be there for each other, and everything. He treated me like shit today. Worse than anything I’ve ever been through. I tried to be there for him, I’ve gave my body, heart and soul to him just for him to treat me like shit. He came back from the service and treated me so bad. Everyone told me oh you’ll have to get used to it hell come around. But why should I have to wait for a boy to grow up and learn how To treat me the right way..? Is that wrong. So today something in me snapped literally. I told him I was done... and he said ok if that’s what you want. He texted me hope your happy with your decision you’ll make someone happy. So I’m not responding to any texts or calls at the moment. It hurts so bad because his family and I were real close. And now all of a sudden this. It hurts like shit but I know I’ll be ok.

A couple days ago everything seemed okay not great and I shouldn’t have done a lot of things but that’s life