Painful and sore sex


So me and my boyfriend have been together for about 10 months now and we have tried almost everything. I used to have such a high sex drive and now due to the pain and soreness I rarely ever want to do it.

I get sore inside almost immediately, like there are little tears or scratches inside that sting and feel uncomfortable. The kind of soreness you get after having sex multiple times in a short period of time.

I’m usually always wet and we use lube whenever we need a little extra lubrication to avoid any friction and we almost always start off with foreplay.

I must say, he is the biggest I’ve ever been with and he does last a fairly long time, so I feel that makes things a little worse.

I’ve been to the doctors, got tested and everything was fine.

It’s VERY rare that I can do it more than once in a day. My other half has a really high sex drive also which makes it even more difficult as I know he gets frustrated even though he says it’s fine. It’s slowly starting to affect our relationship. He’s understanding over the whole matter but I know that I’m not fulfilling his needs completely.

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced something like this? Or has any recommendations on how to help or a way to get around it.