Benzoyl peroxide reaction??


I know you guys aren’t doctors, and yes I’m going to see one tomorrow (earliest appointment available as it’s not classed as an emergency)

For the past 2 days I’ve woke up with this burning rash on my face, I take an antihistamine which seems to calm it down slightly, but I’m so confused!

I haven’t changed my washing detergent, I’m not wearing any make up that I don’t normally.

The only thing I can think of is I used benzoyl peroxide on my face, now I normally use a benzoyl peroxide cream and have now for 6 months to clear up my acne which worked. I started breaking out so I got a benzoyl peroxide wash to use with the cream. I haven’t used it for the past 2 days though, i woke up with the rash the day after I used it, and haven’t put anything on my face since but it’s getting worse!

Has anyone had an experience like this?