Period after miscarriage at 17 weeks.

Zoe • ♥️👧🏻 5.12.16 💙👼🏻 18.7.19

Hi All,

Wasn’t sure if to post this in period talk or here.

Wanted to hear from your experiences please.

I gave birth to my

Son at 16+6 on 18th July this year. No known cause yet, still awaiting autopsy result.

I stopped bleeding a couple of days ago and prior to that all blood loss was old blood for the 2 weeks before it stopping. Today I have just noticed bright red blood, much more like spotting than a period (in my experience as my periods are usually really heavy). I don't know if this is a continuation of the post loss bleeding or some kind of period. I can't even tell if I'm cramping due to putting my back out and being in pain in that general area already.

Can anyone help answer this? What's your experience of periods/bleeding after loss?

I’m thinking of <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> again if this is a period just to get on top of my cycles as they are very irregular from having PCOS, so we know what’s going on once we start trying again after getting the autopsy result through in a few weeks.

Thank you x