I’ve been in this relationship for about three years... I am 26 and he is 34... We had our problems in the beginning but we got better at communicating with each other, I believe.. We are very different personalities but I love him with my everything. I am trying to be better for him and I have changed so much for him.. It’s not the dream relationship but I love him and I have changed so much for him and can’t understand my life without him now that I am all this whole new person that I don’t recognize. He went to a cousin’s wedding last night and I was home with an infected eye so when he called me I acted like I was asleep and didn’t answer but I sent him by mistake an automatically message that said I am on my way I will call you later in english and we don’t talk english. I do all the time these stupid things without thinking... Now he wasn’t answering my calls and text messages all day and now he blocked me on everything. Without telling me a single word. I called him more than 50 times before... He didn’t answer to say stop or anything. He just blocked me and he is not that type of guy who does things like that wothout a reason... I have told him little lies here and there for stupid things and last time he caught me telling one he made me promise that if that happens again I will leave him alone and never contact him again. I don’t know if he thought I was doing the worst since I didn’t answer him.. As I said this isn’t that dreamy relationship and we have trust issues with each other but I never cheated on him cause I love him so much.. After all these years I think I deserve at least to know the reason... I am dying here crying and hurting so bad... Oh god...What should I do?